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Performing Arts Program at Sheldon Calvary Camp

Camp Director: Tim Green

Performing Arts Program Founder: Libby Carroll

Co-Coordinators (Summer 2022): Libby Carroll and Jada Lyde

Performing Arts Staff (Summer 2022): Grace Cannone, Libby Carroll, Jada Lyde, and Lauren Reese

Pictures by Maria Giarrusso, Rachel Owen, and Nancy Wilkins

Sheldon Calvary Camp in an outdoor recreational program on the shore of Lake Erie. Campers, between the ages of 8-16, are allowed to choose 4 electives that they attend each day for a week. The Performing Arts Program/Elective area was created to give children of all ages a taste of music, dance, and theatre. The goal of the Performing Arts program is to create a spark for children to possibly pursue a new hobby in the arts. 

During the 2021-2022 school year, I designed, created, and presented this new program to the directors of the camp. I brainstormed games and ideas for the camp that would give the campers a new window to the arts, in a "campy" style. Once it was approved, I worked with the Performing Arts staff to solidify the plans for the syllabus, and put my idea into action. The new program remained successful throughout the summer of 2022. 


Program File

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*The faces of the campers are blurred due to the privacy of the minors pictured 
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